Should sterilisation be available to single women with no children on the NHS?

I’ve just met Holly on This Morning. She is 29 and has no children but has been turned down by four different doctors when she asked to be referred for a sterilisation. Is this fair? According to the @itvThisMorning worm 80% of you think she has a right to be sterilised. It’s a tough one isn’t it? Research suggests that single women under 30 are most likely to regret being sterilised and reversal of female sterilisation is not available on the NHS so I’m guessing doctors are reluctant to refer her in case it’s a decision she lives to regret. Interestingly I find women are surprised to hear that female sterilisation is not an absolute guarantee. In fact there is a one in two hundred failure rate. There is also the opportunity to have an IUS (intrauterine system) which is nearly as effective, can be fitted in a GP surgery or Family Planning Clinic and can be removed at anytime with a return to fertility if a woman should change her mind. Food for thought …..