Itchy Feet

I have itchy feet. I’ve been waking up with the soles of my feet itchy. It drives me mad and scratching doesn’t seem to help. Is there a cream I could use to soothe them?

In fact scratching rarely does help an itch. It may give temporary relief, but the trauma of scratching causes the release of histamines in the skin and the itch comes back with a vengeance. If you are scratching at night you will probably do a lot of the damage before you are awake enough to realise so wearing cotton gloves may help reduce the trauma and taking an antihistamine before you go to bed should help break the cycle. You may well have a form of eczema which should respond to steroid creams – the weakest type is called hydrocortisone and is available over the counter but you probably should see your GP first to confirm the diagnosis.