I sweat too much

I’ve always sweated a lot, but it has started getting worse (I’m 62). I sweat a lot on my face, back and under my arms. If I’m somewhere hot my clothes can be soaking within half an hour. I have started carrying a spare top with me. Is there any I can do about it?
Excessive sweating, also called hyperhidrosis, affects one in a hundred people. My first line of attack is to use an aluminium based anti-perspirant, available over the counter from chemists. It should be applied, left on over night and washed off the following morning. If this doesn’t help, it is well worth considering botulinum toxin injections. It’s and extremely effective treatment – patients say it is literally like turning off a tap and it lasts for around 6 months. Unfortunately it isn’t generally available on the NHS and is likely to cost £300 – £400. For more information visit www.hyperhidrosisuk.org