Asking for a Second Opinion

Asking for a second opinion when you are facing a difficult decision about whether or not to opt for a particular treatment or operation is relatively straight forward and your doctor may even offer you an appointment to see another doctor to help you make that decision.

If you are dissatisfied with the service your doctor has given you or don’t have faith in his diagnosis however, then asking for another opinion may seem daunting. How you do this, will depend on your relationship with your doctor, but if you can tell them what you would like to do, it is usually the best strategy. They will almost certainly find out at some point and may well even welcome the idea.

I know that if I have seen someone two or three times with the same problem but seem to be getting nowhere, it can be extremely helpful to have another doctor’s thoughts. Everyone is entitled to second opinions, but do bear in mind, the NHS can barely cope with all the first opinions that are needed, so your right to a second opinion should only be exercised when it is really necessary.