Are colonics a good idea ?

I keep reading about celebs having colonic irrigation to help them lose weight, but my mum says they’re a waste of money and can be dangerous. What do you think?

A. Colonic irrigation may be all the rage with Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn, and Janet Jackson, but I’m afraid I’m not a fan. Proponents argue that the inside of our gut gets furred up with toxins, like limescale in drainpipes, and that irrigation flushes them clean. Sounds good in theory, but having seen inside hundreds of bowels, I can tell you they don’t look furred up at all. In fact they look just like the inside of your cheek, pink and healthy. It may also surprise you to learn that there are around 2kilos of good bacteria living in our gut which help digest our food. Irrigation could deplete these meaning you are less able to absorb the nutrients you need from your diet.

I’m with your mum on this one – don’t go there.